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We love to see our members succeed in all aspects! It doesn't matter if it is big or small. These are moments we celebrate!​

Experienced life-changing classes

Our members have already experienced life-changing classes that revolutionized their approach to real estate. But we’re just getting started! Prepare for a lineup of upcoming classes that arm you with the latest strategies, industry insights, and cutting-edge techniques to stay ahead in today’s competitive market.


We’re proud to curate the best-in-class training programs that have shaped some of the industry’s most successful individuals. As this year’s membership reaches its peak, we’re thrilled to invite you to be part of our extraordinary events.

With ATFS, anyone (yes, anyone!) can build a six-figure real estate business if they only know what tools to use at the right time.

Inside is a collection of templates, guides, tools, and strategies that real estate agents have used for decades to generate thousands of conversions and leads every single month, and now, you can access it on demand!

It’s the complete starter-pack for anyone who’s looking to take their real estate business one step further, all without hustling 24/7 for the next 3 – 6 months. It’s simple, effortless, and gives you the growth you need to live in abundance.

Why should you trust ATFS? Because I myself have been using everything that’s packed inside for years, and today, I stand before you as one of the most sought-after real estate agents in the industry.

I know where you are now because I’ve been there. I spent my weekends working, I said no to nights out when I truly needed to go, and I sacrificed my family time in hopes of landing another deal or getting a yes from a client.


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Enroll inside the Blueprint Plus Course

Membership is not included. This is for those who need the information without ongoing support. This is a self-paced pre-recorded course with templates. Learn about Mortgages, Running CMA, onboarding clients, managing a CRM, managing back end Georgia Contracts class and more is included. We have over 100 classes included in this course. 

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We love to see our members succeed in all aspects! It doesn't matter if it is big or small. These are moments we celebrate!​

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Today, you have the opportunity to turn your real estate business around and start scaling rapidly towards 6-figures.

Your family needs you, and if you spend the next 5 years hustling your life away, you might make it financially, but by then you’ll have lost most of the people around you. Now, is that the future that would make you truly content and happy with your success? No, it’s not. With Agents Tools For Success, you can shape the future that does, and enjoy the fruits of your success surrounded by your loved ones.

From where I’m standing, you have two choices:​

To brush this off, close this page, and go on with your life trying to ignore that “What if?” that keeps you up at night, wondering what would happen if you actually took the leap of faith.

Or you can join right now and choose to invest in a successful real estate future using the tried-and-tested strategies and tools that will keep paying you dividends for decades to come.

You’re in charge, and I trust you to make the right call.

If you’re ready to get started, it’s truly now or never. Join me and our thriving community today, and let me help you create a thriving, effortlessly scalable real estate business without sacrificing your wellbeing!

Meet Your Real Estate Mentor

I’ve been consistently showing value in the real estate industry. I’m consistently selling $20 Million + in real estate a year. And I DO NOT BUY leads!!
I’m more than excited to continue to educate, inform and represent what hard work, systems and dedication can achieve. 
With millions of dollars in real estate sales under my belt, I’ve become one of the top real estate professionals in the metro Atlanta area. As a result, I’m flooded with messages from professionals and first-time buyers seeking my expertise because they know I always get the job done!
Now, I’m giving you the secrets to real estate success. By Joining the membership,  You’re about to discover my secrets to generate more income than you have ever imagined. so that you can finally be set.

Overcome your limiting beliefs and Invest In YOU!

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There are no refunds. All sales are final.

We no longer have a facebook group. We have a private community that the mastermind and membership agents can download right on their phone.

Join the Blueprint Elevated Mastermind to get access to a 45 minute on-on-one session with Quaina

All of the training classes are virtual and you learn at your own leisure. 

These classes are for aspiring, beginners, and experienced real estate professionals looking to elevate their business. We have something for each level.

The replay for courses you’ve paid for will available for 1 year.